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Our Story


“The Rum Cartel” is a group of rum enthusiasts created in May 2016 during a tasting in Dudelange, Luxembourg.

Since the 30th of July 2019 “The Rum Cartel” is an official association, “The Rum Cartel” is the only rum group in Luxembourg. This group was created by a group of amateur friends who are in love with rum and who like to discover new flavours. The original idea of the group was to taste, discover, share and have a good time with friends.

Given the interest of people for rum as well as for "The Rum Cartel", we therefore decided to create an ASBL (Association Sans But Lucratif).

Rum is still relatively unknown in the Grand Duchy, our main goals are to discover rum in all its forms as well as to provide all the knowledge about this magnificent beverage.

Everyone is welcome to share their experiences, knowledge and discoveries. It is a group of sharing and exchange. The minimum age to join the group is 21 years old.

We like to meet people who share the same passion around a glass of rum. In no case do we encourage excessive alcohol consumption. We promote tasting and the pleasure of sharing a good time together, discovering its aromas, flavours and history.

Tastings are organized sporadically between our members, with our partners as well as professionals.

A good number of tastings have already been organized, such as: l'Agricole Tour, Rum Depaz, Rum Nation, Mhoba Rum to name a few. Also, we have already been to several Rum Festivals such as: Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Spa, Bordeaux.

We love all types of rums: agricole, molasses, pure cane juice, clairins, cachaça, grogue ...

"The Rum Cartel" wants to be tolerant and respectful towards producers, products and people. Who are we to judge people's tastes?

Our motto is: Rum * Friendship * Sharing

Cyrille Dechmann

President of the Rum Cartel

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