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Our Bottlings

In addition to meeting regularly around known products, the Cartel offers its members and others its own bottlings of rums from all over the world.

Selected with passion by the Rum Cartel, these are limited to a few hundred bottles which are bottled on site, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, by the members.

1st release

2nd release

3rd release


Country: Madeira, Portugal
Distillery: O'Reizinho
Age: Non-aged
ABV : 50%
Bottled in September 2020

Country: Belize
Distillery: Travelers
Age: 13 years old (7 tropical, 6 continental)
ABV : 66 % (cask strength)
Bottled in December 2020

Country: Mauritius
Distillery: Grays (New Grove)
Age: 10 years old (tropical, ex-Bourbon)
% alc. : 53% 
Bottled in February 2022

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